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PLEASE NOTE: Our next creative soundLAB event is on hold due to the current coronavirus situation.
We hope to be back on schedule as soon as possible.
Please join our MailingLists for news updates.
Thank you for your patience during this period.

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Oa hold regular creative soundLAB events that connect independent music creators, composers and sound designers with music users and decision makers. These are free business to business event environments where music users meet, interact, collaborate and negotiate with music makers. creative soundLAB is a music sourcing, placement and facilitating event for multimedia industries and the independent music making community.

creative soundLAB events have an audience of creative agency representatives, decision makers and music commissioners making them an ideal opportunity for independent music artists to showcase works to the creative sectors, explore potential, get inspired, receive positive feedback, and conduct business.

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These events develop music artist skillsets, knowledge, experience, and contacts. Music creators gain real-world business interaction and experience of exploiting commercial music placement opportunities in multimedia projects.

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Oa is applying to be a certified licensed reseller of the wonderful .music domain.
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We will notify you when we have been licensed and you can purchase your chosen .music domain name, ahead of the 'general release' free-for-all, through Oa and help support the creative soundLAB community, independent artists and future music projects.
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  • expand creative soundLAB community ecosystem
  • produce larger industry specific events focused on independent creative sectors in collaboration with creative soundLAB
  • explore potential of working with exciting new music management platform
  • explore potential investment opportunities in business startups creating music centric products or services
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    Oa was founded by electronic music producer donaldo tho.
    Oa operates on social enterprise principles and zebra ethics.
    Oa is based in Edinburgh Scotland UK.

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